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These include human capital management , sales tax automation, document management and more. Eliminate Excel-based forecasting and expense tracking with Budgeting and Planning delivered by Sage Intacct, which enables SMBs to consolidate reporting and modeling in a centralized view.

What type of system is intacct?

Sage Intacct is an advanced Cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that automates many accounting processes across your business.

Intacct offers a best-in-class methodology that allows our clients the flexibilty to use the features that fit their business needs, while utilizing the power of a cloud-based accounting platform. Intacct provides cloud-based financial-management and accounting software to clients ranging from startups and SMB organizations to large, public enterprises. Our team ofexperienced Sage Intacct accountantscan scale the features of this comprehensive cloud accounting platform to businesses of all sizes. Many businesses are converting to the platform to streamline accounting and tax planning using a multilayered, unified interface.

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Sage Intacct accounting software also adapts to your unique requirements, so don’t mistake “core financials” for the typical set-in-stone set of features. We are able to assist you with customization for automating the platform’s options for currency conversions, inter-entity transactions and local tax reporting. Sage Intacct allows you to build dashboards and reports for real-time business visibility. Our team of Sage Intacct CPAs will guide you through the process of setting up reporting schedules to optimize indicators.

Offers flexible financial reporting tools and a library of more than 150 built-in financial reports that support key regulatory reporting requirements. Leverage modern technology to capture real-time visibility and accuracy into your time, billing and expense management with timesheets and reporting powered by AI. Remove the burdens of manual entry and ensure your teams can track their hours seamlessly and without errors. Capture the visibility you need into your financials and operations as you need it with interactive dashboards and visual reporting that leverages state of the art analytics. Gain access to a living view of your business transactions, cash flow, profit margins and more, delivered with actionable intelligence that empowers your decision-making.

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Sage Intacct and Airbase integrate to automate your bookkeeping. Original Coffee has reduced manual finance team hours by 60% – even as they grew by 4x. With Corpay One, there are no duplicate payments and no risks of internal or vendor fraud. Corpay One comes with a built-in audit trail for every document and vendor, along with customizable permissions for certain team members. Add a layer of automation to your Sage Intacct accounting system.

But the second reason is, almost none of the software I reviewed is designed to be configured and maintained by your in-house staff, even the SaaS apps. It’s just that, in most cases, it’s better to spend the money and let someone with extensive experience in setting up the system perform those operations. This is your accounting system after all, something most businesses can’t afford to skimp on.

Intacct Vs Sage 100

Both also provide integrated development environments and application programming interfaces to connect to applications intacct accounting on their platforms. Intacct offers some of this functionality, but it’s not as fully developed an application.

  • Reach out to us today to schedule your tailored Intacct demo – click here to Contact SWK.
  • We spend less time dealing with spreadsheets and trying to figure out if we have the right number, and more time communicating, analyzing and partnering with other business leaders to help them make informed decisions.
  • Intacct offers 69 prebuilt reports for core financials out of the box.
  • Extract, transform, and load data from one database type to another via our cloud solution or integrate your existing database into one of our 3rd party adapters.

Integrates with over 150 other leading applications including, Salesforce, project advisory, and more. Our technology enables us as well as our clients to build their business anytime and anywhere in the world.

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“My company has been working with Fusion for about a year now and they have really helped simplify things on our end. Having your accounting and bookkeeping done under one roof really takes the stress out of coordinating between the two on a regular basis. Every question I have had, they are there to answer (even the annoying ones I’m sure). Wordfence is a security plugin installed on over 4 million WordPress sites. The owner of this site is using Wordfence to manage access to their site. Instead of having so many different accounts, we took full advantage of the dimensions, locations and classes in Sage Intacct to create the right structure for our reporting needs.

intacct accounting

Sage Intacct is the first and last cloud financial solution your business will ever need. If you would like to see our platform for yourself or have questions about how PairSoft can simplify your processes, please reach out to our team. Free yourself from manual processes and deliver accurate financials faster. The latest G2 Grid Report for Mid-Market ERP Systems reveals why Sage Intacct is the better choice. This is the report you need to read when comparing accounting systems. With Workflows, you can build complex accounting rules, or, determine how and when vendors are paid. You can create multi-step approval flows and send additional data to your accounting system.


Intacct cloud accounting software includes all the functions you need to manage your business in a modular, online system. Available are general ledger, accounts receivable, revenue management, cash management, reporting and dashboards, multi-currency management and global consolidations modules, all of which can be used together within this integrated system. Intacct cloud accounting software can also manage orders, integrate sales team data, handle project accounting and calculate sales and use taxes.

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If some of the challenges listed below sound all too familiar, let us show you how the combination of Sage Intacct cloud ERP software and RKL eSolutions consulting can help your financial accounting drive growth and productivity. Sage Intacct delivers secure cloud-based accounting that gives you better financial transparency and is the preferred choice of the AICPA. Get real-time insight from dashboards, metrics, built-in multi-dimensional reports, and visual analytics to make better decisions – faster.

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This depends on whether the expense is directly fund-related or a general overhead expense. Most vendors have separate nonprofit versions of their software that let you do this fairly easily, but Intacct makes it easy to do right out the standard box. Intacct approaches chart setup a bit differently from other vendors. The COA uses a basic four-number account setup but, instead of extending the numbering scheme with additional segments of number groups, Intacct offers what they call “multidimensional” charts. These add labeled segments rather than making you define number groups for each additional COA segment beyond the top account. In this schema, the top account (e.g., “Cash in Bank”) would still be a numbered account, such as account 1000, but would be followed by labeled segments such as “Location,” “Division,” “Department,” and so on. The first left-most set of numbers would be the top-most account description .

intacct accounting

This is followed by several sets of subaccounts defining multiple accounts rolled up into the major account, with further numerical segments for location, division, and other delineations. Many of the apps I reviewed had up to 10 definable account segments. You can reach reporting via the dashboard and create what Intacct calls “Performance Cards,” which will appear at the top of a dashboard.

Intacct has more in common with NetSuite OneWorld than simply its back-end database. The application looks, feels, and operates very similarly to NetSuite overall, and was also designed from the get-go as a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service application. This is a popular approach that saves on back-end infrastructure requirements, on-demand developers, and dedicated IT staff—characteristics Inacct leveraged to enable its price point. Battery recognized that Intacct’s enterprise resource planning solutions addressed one of the largest software categories. At the same time, Intacct was one of the only cloud-based ERP providers—at a time when cloud adoption was still very nascent. Battery believed in the large and still widely untapped opportunity before Intacct and was eager to partner with the company as it aimed to replace legacy ERP software providers.

  • You get immediate customer support from your local, West Michigan partner.
  • For example, MongoDB, a software company, switched from Intacct to NetSuite as it prepared for an IPO and needed tighter controls and consolidation capabilities for 12 subsidiaries around the globe.
  • Armanino has a dedicated team of integration consultants and developers who have completed hundreds of projects and with nearly a 100 different system connections.
  • With this flexible financial foundation, you’ll gain insights that speed decision-making.
  • By implementing Sage Intacct, you’ll benefit from using our best practice financial templates, benchmarking dashboards, and automated business processes.
  • In fact, due to our success with the software, we are a multi-year winner of theSage Intacct Partner of the Year Award.

With endlessly flexible reporting power, you can see your information, your way. And with an extraordinary depth of financial features, you can automate all your important activities, including the entire procure-to-pay process and the entire order-to-cash process.

intacct accounting

The system is built for a wide variety of industries as a horizontal accounting solution. Sage Intacct supports applications for core accounting, time and expenses, revenue management, project accounting, order and billing, purchasing, global consolidations, multi-currency management, and financial reporting. Enterprise resource planning is a suite of applications that automate a company’s core operations, including financials, inventory and order management, customer service, procurement, sales, marketing and more. Because all modules operate from a single database, a modern ERP system delivers automation, collaborative workflows across departments and sophisticated business reporting. More robust ERP systems also offer human resources management, professional services automation and ecommerce capabilities. It allows integration of third-party software such as Salesforce, Certify, ADP, SAP Concur and others. Notable Intacct clients include Mozilla, Meetup, WikiMedia Foundation, IndieGoGo, Guidewire, Voltari and others, and the company has over 8,500 customers.

However, there are still many challenges in an ERP implementation that can disrupt a business’s operations. That makes finding a trusted partner well-versed in proven ERP implementation best practices a vital factor in an ERP selection.

How much does intacct cost per month?

When it comes to Sage 50, pricing starts at around $50 per month and ranges all the way to nearly $330 per month.

Therefore, as an enterprise-level software with an incredibly impressive feature set, Sage Intacct can truly serve businesses that need these advanced features and overall level of financial management. The core financials in Sage Intacct automates the critical processes, reduces the spreadsheet headaches, and gives you greater visibility into your business performance in real-time. Easily tailor the cloud financial system to your business by configuring workflows, screens, and preferences—all without costly coding or scripting. Sage Intacct cloud financials are everything you need to increase team productivity, make decisions faster, and drive business forward.

  • Additionally, NetSuite’s comprehensive, well-honed implementation methodology gets customers up and running quickly and enables them to add functionality as they need it.
  • Original Coffee has reduced manual finance team hours by 60% – even as they grew by 4x.
  • Sage ​Intacct is a multi-tenant cloud application, giving your business instant access to new features.
  • Keep in mind, however, that the other general ledger apps reviewed in this roundup do pretty much the same thing, even if the segments are numbers and not labels.
  • Sage Intacct’s application includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, collaborate, general ledger, order management, purchasing, and reporting and dashboards.
  • While NetSuite has a greater breadth of functionality, with modules for additional applications, its depth of accounting functionality matches Intacct’s, so businesses can start with a core financial package and add features as they grow.

Author: Nathan Davidson